The spread offense exploded onto the scene in American football in the early 2000’s at the college and high school levels. Based on a philosophy of getting your best athletes the ball in space, thus leveraging the entire dimensions of a football field on every offensive snap and placing more pressure on the opposing defense in both the run and pass game.

The advent of a dual (pass and run) threat quarterback in the shotgun formation, which places more pressure on the opposing defense, mathematically changed the blocking numbers to add an additional player or advantage via designed run or option type run (Read) and/or pass play (RPO).

Even the NFL, a league that solely showcased a ‘pass only’ quarterback since the 1950’s has adapted this philosophy into its current style of play, generating more productive offensive statistics and points scored.

“What makes the word ‘spread offense’ so unique is the mystery of its true definition, said Mark Colyer, Founder of Is it a formation, a philosophy, a style of play, a play tempo, a run dominant offense, a pass dominant offense, a shot-gun only offense, an option read offense, or a combination of them all? At, we strive to offer a one stop shop for coaches at all levels to enhance their teaching ability and efficiency both on the practice field and in the meeting room within this philosophy and even help defenses try to stop the spread offense or slow it down.

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Keep spreadin ‘em!

Spread the field and get
your playmakers
the ball in space!